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A Backup in Dialogue Blogs

For our reliability, consistency and ability to innovate, Commvault has been named an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances for seven years in a row. As part of an ongoing series that focuses on backup-related issues, our Commvault experts weigh in.
  • The Straw That Broke Backup’s Back

    Posted 06/05/2018 by Matt Tyrer

    Backup touches pretty much everything, so it shouldn't be a shock when people say there are a lot of things that can break your backup. Heck, the folks at Storage Switzerland put together a 10-part series on all the things that can break various aspects of your backup environment.

  • Don’t Blame the Endpoint, Blame Your Backup and Recovery Strategy

    Posted 05/22/2018 by Gregg Ogden

    Like many of you, I often peruse news sources for interesting tidbits about applying technology or new strategies to solve data management issues. My professional focus is on endpoints, those lovely devices sitting on the edge of your network (that are likely housing data that’s important to your business) but are outside your data center and your control.

  • How Snapshots Make Better Backup

    Posted 05/15/2018 by Roy Child

    In his recent blog post, “Why Snapshots Break Backup,” George Crump said that snapshots can't stand on their own as backups and that they need to complement backup to ensure recoverability.

  • How Cloud Backup Helps Meet Your IT Goals

    Posted 04/10/2018 by Penny Gralewski

    Cloud backup won’t break your IT strategy. While integrating the cloud into your backup strategy can introduce a number of challenges and pitfalls, if you correctly manage cloud backup it can actually help you meet your IT goals.

  • How to (Really) Fix Backup and Recovery

    Posted 04/02/2018 by Lance Shaw

    Some organizations might initially scoff at the idea that existing data backup processes are broken. Some might even say, "How could that be possible? I have backup solutions in place for my various applications across different locations. If something else comes along that I need to protect, I simply go out and get a backup tool to address that need." And therein lies the problem.