Nutanix Hyper Converged Infrastructure

You rely on Nutanix to simplify your data center infrastructure. Commvault lets you extend that simplicity to your data management with the industry’s only Nutanix-integrated backup solution.

Nutanix’s “invisible infrastructure” integrates compute, storage and virtualization in a single turnkey appliance, relieving administrative burden from your IT team. At Commvault, we think backing up, recovering and managing the data on your Nutanix appliances should be just as easy. That’s why our solution offers exclusive support for Nutanix snapshots and Acropolis hypervisor — along with comprehensive data management of all your other storage platforms, non-virtualized servers and enterprise applications.

Exclusive backup support for your Nutanix infrastructure

Only Commvault has a solution that can communicate with — and manage Nutanix hardware snapshots. Unlike other backup solutions, we leverage the power of Nutanix’s built-in hardware snapshots — resulting in the fastest backups with the least disruption to your mission-critical applications. And by integrating those snapshots with our comprehensive snapshot management capabilities, you get much greater flexibility and control over how and when your Nutanix snapshots are scheduled, triggered and stored.

In addition, our solution ensures application-consistent VM snapshots through full integration with the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor, and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and other enterprise applications running on your Nutanix appliance. Commvault software also performs specialized backup procedures beyond snapshots alone for more dependable application availability and minimized storage requirements for application data.

Flexible options for storage and recovery

As your organization grows, the number of snapshots required to back up your VMs and enterprise applications can start to consume the high-value space on your Nutanix appliances. Maximize your utilization of your converged infrastructure by using Commvault to move older or archived data out of your high-value Nutanix appliances and into a more economical location of your choosing: tape, commodity disk or the cloud.

Keeping automatically updated copies of your critical Nutanix VMs off premises is also important for disaster recovery. Should something go wrong, we can recover your data back to your Nutanix appliance or traditional servers, or even recover directly to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. With Commvault’s cross-platform recovery capabilities, you get the flexibility to choose exactly how and where your data will be recovered — at the point of recovery rather than the point of backup.

  Commvault’s broad integration with key infrastructure partners like . . . Nutanix gives us the agility we need to . . . achieve the business outcomes we want.  

Jon Walton

CIO of County of San Mateo, California

Less administrative burden for a more agile enterprise

Commvault gives you the features and capabilities to manage the VMs on your Nutanix appliance in a more agile and efficient way. Assign backup and retention policies to different types of VMs automatically as they’re created, whether they come from Hyper-V, VMware or Acropolis. With Commvault, you can ensure all your Nutanix VMs are protected without having to individually manage every snapshot.

Our solution also lets DBAs and developers quickly create and consume their own virtual resources, freeing your IT admins to focus on more important work. Even with these self-service capabilities, you don’t have to give up control. With Commvault, it’s easy to set rules on how many VMs your users can create, how large they can be and how long they’ll run before being archived, helping you keep storage and utilization costs in check.

Your partner for strategic data management

Just as Nutanix consolidates and simplifies your data center infrastructure, Commvault does the same for your data management. Whether your organization needs enterprise search and eDiscovery, secure file sharing, email archiving or other important functions, the Commvault Data Platform can help you get there — and get the most value from your data.