CyberArk Credential Integrations

Minimize the risk of data breaches caused by unauthorized access with integrated support for CyberArk.

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Solve the Challenges of Credential Management

Commvault’s integration with CyberArk enhances security by separating credential storage from backup environments. This helps organizations follow strong zero-trust practices and comply with strict regulations.

Align with zero-trust

Separate the storage and management of credentials from the Commvault platform to adhere to Zero Trust architecture principles.

Reduce risk and complexity

Credentials are provided only as needed for backups, then immediately rotated, which reduces the risk of credentials being leaked, exposed, and used nefariously.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Audit and manage credentials through CyberArk to align with internal and industry compliance regulations (PCI, HIPPA, Cyber Insurance policies).

Commvault Cyberark Integration

Secrets Manager

The direct integration of CyberArk Secrets Management with Commvault enhances the lifecycle management of service accounts and secret keys, with a prime focus on securing backups and Commvault infrastructure configurations.

The “Just in Time” feature ensures credentials are accessed only when necessary. By eliminating the need for storing credentials within the Commvault application, this integration significantly reduces the risk of credential leakage, simplifying processes and bolstering overall security.

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Application plugin

The CyberArk Privileged Credential Management plugin offers a powerful solution for managing and rotating local user account credentials within Commvault.

It enhances privileged access lifecycle management and improves policy compliance for local Commvault login accounts. This enhances security measures, reduces unauthorized access risk, and ensures a compliant operational environment.

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CommCell PSM plugin

The CyberArk Privileged Session Management plugin streamlines administrative access into Commvault. It hides admin credentials from end-users, minimizing credential leakage risk, and enables organizations to create and maintain complex machine-generated passwords for secure access.

The result is improved security and smoother administrative processes, enhancing data protection and efficiency in organizations.

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