Dell PowerProtect DD appliances

Maximize your data protection solution with PowerProtect DD appliances and Commvault’s data protection software.

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Unlock the power of Commvault and Dell PowerProtect DD Appliances

Leverage native DD Boost SDK libraries to move data more securely and efficiently.

Enhanced security both in flight and at rest

Optimal data transfers improve your RPOs and reduce RTOs

Enhanced user experience leveraging existing management tools / workflows

Key Capabilties

DD Boost Integration Type

DD Boost on Media Agent – Enhanced performance and security with DD Boost access via Boost SDK. Send ‘raw’ data to the SDK, optimized deduplication and compression.

Secure mount points

Eliminates the need to use insecure mount points for network shares.

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Native Commvault format

Data is written in native Commvault format with optimized deduplication and compression.

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DD Boost Client

Leverage Dell PowerProtect DD management capabilities and native capabilities

Data is written in native Dell PowerProtect DD format with client-side DD Boost deduplication; native file copy API is used to move data between appliances. Optimized synthetic full backups & aux copies.

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