Simplify approval process & streamline operations with Commvault Cloud integration within your ServiceNow interface.

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Simplify operations

Integrating Commvault Cloud with ServiceNow improves day to day operations and ensure cyber resiliency for your data, wherever it lives.


Automate data protection and recovery tasks, enabling effective operation management.


Faster status alerts for data protection and recovery operations.

Simplified management

Single interface for streamlined ServiceNow and data protection management.

Solve organization challenges with Commvault & ServiceNow

Out of the box integration for automation, alerting, SLA visibility and usability.

Streamline operations

From within ServiceNow, Assign different levels of access to perform specific tasks associated with data protection, i.e., backup, restore, add a server for protection, or run an SLA report.

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Automated protection

Automated data protection service – Service Catalogue.
Request to backup or restore individual virtual machines, allowing for more efficient operation and incident management.

Automated alerts

Automated alert management. Manage critical data protection alerts more efficiently by subscribing to Commvault alerts.

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Self-service SLA

Self-service SLA management. View data protection and recovery job SLAs, job schedules, and job details to ensure job completion is within an acceptable operation window.

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Allina Health Case Study

Allina Health achieved rapid and agile data backup and restoration using Commvault Cloud, significantly shortening the protection window and providing high deduplication efficiency. Commvault Cloud’s operational efficiency and simplified administration resulted in improved performance and savings for Allina Health.