Rapid and efficient protection and recovery for Microsoft® SQL Server™


Commvault® software ensures reliable protection, rapid recovery and access, and efficient management for SQL Server data.

  • Protect Easily – Easily protect and recover data residing in your Microsoft SQL Server environment using one truly unified platform.
  • Recover Rapidly – Recover rapidly with near zero production impact by using integrated, application-aware snapshot capabilities.
  • Realize Greater Efficiency – Enhance efficiency and reduce backup windows using integrated deduplication and compression, and tiering for backup data to any storage including disk, tape and the cloud.
  • Improve Operations – Ease audit burdens and continuously improve operations with comprehensive reporting that is fully integrated into the Commvault platform.
  • Ensure Data Security – Built-in encryption, role based access, alerting and reporting, and Active Directory integration ensures data security for DBAs. Encryption keys are kept on-premises to help meet compliance needs.
  • Consistent Data Protection – Achieve rapid, reliable, and consistent data protection without administrator involvement through auto-discover and backup of new SQL Server databases.
Advanced protection to keep your business running

Simplify the management of SQL and reduce both the cost and risk for your business-critical data while improving productivity thanks to Commvault software’s deep integration with Microsoft SQL Server. As an award winning Microsoft technology partner, Commvault ensures that single-platform Commvault software will enable you to quickly and easily back up, recover, replicate and manage SQL data. You can start with SQL and later extend data management to other Microsoft applications and heterogeneous sources or easily add SQL as another data type under management in your current Commvault software deployment.

Commvault IntelliSnap® technology tightly integrates SQL Server with array-based snapshots to deliver application consistent recovery copies across physical or virtual environments. Commvault software also delivers seamless backup to lower cost storage for affordable, longer term retention. Centralized management and reporting from a single console reduces complexity, while automated scheduling and discovery of SQL instances enables scalable protection. With flexible configurations to meet your unique SLAs, Commvault software delivers a unified, efficient solution to achieve all of your backup, recovery and reporting needs and enhances beyond what you can do natively in SQL.

Commvault software for SQL server enables you to:
  • Recover and protect Microsoft SQL databases on SQL 2005 through SQL 2016 and simplify platform migrations and upgrades with extensive backward compatibility and Microsoft release independence.
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of backing up scripted database dump files.
  • Improve SQL backup and recovery performance and recovery-based service levels like RPO and RTO with automated, application-aware hardware snapshots using IntelliSnap technology snapshot management.
  • Simplify protection for clustered SQL configurations including “Always On,” where you can automate running the backup job off the proper node.
  • Meet your demands for changing service delivery models by protecting, managing, and accessing SQL deployments that are virtual, physical, on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud, including built-in connectors for Microsoft Azure and others.
  • Be more agile using automated recovery of a database, including NetApp snapshots and clones, for test and dev reporting

Key capabilities and benefits

Single platform data & information management solutionEnsure that important features like Backup, Recovery, Replication, Archiving, Search and Reporting work seamlessly together with encryption and deduplication through a single software code base to reduce cost, improve reliability and increase operational efficiency.
Rapid recovery using hardware snapshotsRecover and access data wherever it resides, including granularity. Direct recovery from any tier to any target system, including from a hardware snapshot. IntelliSnap technology enables snapshot management across the broadest storage array compatibility matrix without custom scripting for rapid backup and restore. Commvault software also provides searchable recoveries across multiple snapshots / backups at a granular object level.
Advanced backup and recovery capabilitiesSimplify and speed recovery with advanced features built into Commvault software for SQL. The SQL iDataAgent provides the ability to recover/revert databases or the entire SQL instance. There is no mounting, no recovery wizards, no extra steps needed – the software takes care of it all, including:
• Full or Partial Restore databases
• Transaction log management that automates restoring and replaying logs
• Set Database state during restore (Recovery, Standby, No Recovery)
• Point-in-time recovery, including traditional “Step Level” recovery
• Browsing and restring data by relative time
Tiered storageReduce storage costs and optimize your overall data management approach according to performance, access needs and data value. Tiered data can be stored using automated, policy-based movement to cost-effective secondary storage, whether it is disk, tape or cloud.
Comprehensive reportingCommvault software also provides unprecedented visibility and ease of management so you can focus efforts on high priority activities. Graphic
dashboards update staff daily on capacity usage, threshold warnings and trending. Commvault reporting allows you to quickly identify the status of your data protection environment, where hot spots may be developing, or where resources are being consumed.
Global deduplicationLeverage source and target-based, global deduplication and compression to significantly reduce overall storage and network usage for backup and archive data including the ability to dedupe to the cloud and tape. Scale from small, individual deduplication notes up to large, multi-node databases with embedded, next-generation, grid-based architecture deduplication. Typically encryption features will eliminate any deduplication savings but Commvault supports TDS encrypted databases while maintaining storage reduction via deduplication.
Consulting, professional training and support servicesAchieve the fastest time-to-value for data management investments through a full suite of Commvault Services. Our teams deliver industry expertise to maximize the value of your data management strategy and provide proven design, deployment and installation of your Commvault software environment. Services can also help improve the productivity and self-sufficiency of your technical staff, and deliver industry-leading product support and monitoring for your Commvault solution.
Microsoft SQL Server

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Commvault makes it simple to unify the protection and management of your Microsoft SQL Server database environment.