Microsoft SQL Server Database Management

Commvault protects your Microsoft SQL Server environment — even in the face of massive data growth — with rapid restoration and zero down time.

Commvault’s automated, efficient protection and granular recovery help cut costs, enhance performance and reduce risk in your Microsoft SQL Server environment. You get backup and recovery, archive, reporting and automation all on one platform, plus support for your entire Microsoft environment, including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.

AlwaysOn integration for the highest availability


Commvault integrates with SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups to protect your environment with nearly instantaneous failover if a database goes down. Our intelligent failover management automatically detects the node your SQL database is running on when disaster strikes and backs it up to ensure that if you can’t recover from primary, you’ll be able to access a snapshot from just minutes ago.

“Near instant” snapshots and automated backup

With Commvault, “near-instant” snapshots make SQL data highly available and easier to manage, with near-zero impact on production environments. Auto-discovery and backup of new SQL Server databases provide reliable protection with no administrator involvement, while integrated file-level reporting and analytics give you clear insights into your SQL environment. When backup data needs to be retrieved, Commvault saves you time by enabling retrieval from a wide time span instead of an exact range.


Automated point-in-time recovery


Commvault automated transaction log management drastically simplifies point-in-time restores for SQL databases. You get very granular point-in-time recovery on-site, from the cloud, or in the cloud.

29% of organizations' top challenge was too many databases to backup

Increase storage and network efficiency with global block-level deduplication

Say goodbye to the storage inefficiencies of backing up scripted database dumps. Commvault’s global deduplication eliminates 90% of redundant data at the source, cutting storage space requirements by at least 70% and substantially improving performance.

Commvault's global deduplication eliminates 90% of redundant data at the source


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1 February 2014 Study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft.