Microsoft SQL Server

Unify the protection and management of your Microsoft SQL database environment.

Enterprise level support, protection, and management

Commvault Cloud enables faster cloud migrations, efficient backups, streamlined data access, and comprehensive data management capabilities.

Deep Microsoft integration

With robust integration for Microsoft SQL Server, your database and backup administrators can use native tools for greater self-service and efficiency. 

Optimized database protection

Schedule backups and archives based on your specific needs, including dynamic adjustments to optimize resource utilization and adapt to changing workloads. 

Flexible, Granular Recovery

Recover databases to any point in time, in-place or out-of-place.

Commvault and Microsoft SQL

Simplify management

Protect all your important data, wherever it lives, with a unified approach to data access, administration, and policy management. 

Improve performance and efficiency 

Shrink data volumes by eliminating redundant data at the source with global deduplication, creating more efficient movement between on-premises and cloud deployments.

Accelerate dev/test cycles

Provision virtualized copies of the latest production data within minutes instead of hours with automated copy data management.

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Backup & Recovery

Commvault Cloud Backup & Recovery delivers resilience and recovery capabilities that provide complete backup and recovery of all workloads across on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. 

Backup & Recovery for Databases

Cloud Backup and Recovery for Databases delivers SaaS resilience and recovery capabilities for your multi-cloud environment and is essential for protecting enterprise and cloud-native. databases from cyber threats.  

Auto Recovery

Protect your applications in near real-time with one click: secure, automated cyber recovery at scale. 

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