You depend on your MongoDB environment for high availability to support massive amounts of data and huge numbers of users. This means you need fast, powerful recovery and restore capabilities, plus an efficient way to manage your MongoDB infrastructure.

Flexible recovery options

Commvault delivers

with automated, efficient protection and granular recovery to help you cut costs, increase performance and reduce risk.

Strong support for Mongo technology

Commvault supports mongorestore tech, which lets you keep backups small and lightweight. When you hook into the mongodump, use less space and can restore faster. Roll back deployments much faster than with a manual process.

Easy restoration throughout your environment

Given the scale of MongoDB infrastructures, precision, flexibility and granularity are key. Our platform lets you produce binary file dumps, restore and index them, then quickly roll back production updates to restore data.

Faced with unending data growth, organizations everywhere are implementing a digital transformation strategy to harness the business value of their data. Simply adding hardware and IT staff isn’t sustainable. It’s expensive, complex and locks your data away in isolated silos. ScaleProtect™ with Cisco UCS® gives you a future-proof alternative that sets you free from ever-growing stacks of purpose-built appliances.

You can also take data from a specific node in a cluster and backup that instance, dumping it to disk or restoring a certain node. That backup data can propagate to the rest of the cluster. If servers are acting up, you can take them out of the cluster and easily and quickly restore them to last known build.