March 2021

March 2021

COVID-19 was spreading fast across the world and businesses were moving at unbelievable speed to adapt and frankly, just survive. Incredible IT teams enabled wholesale moves to remote working, quickly investing in on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and leveraging software to ensure businesses kept running.

NetApp’s continuous mission is to give customers the freedom to put data to work in the applications that elevate their business, across cloud data services, storage systems, and software. Much like Commvault, with our laser focus on providing intelligent data management solutions that aid customers in optimizing and obtaining value out of data, it is no surprise that together, we have a natural synergy and a decades-long partnership.

In 2020, the world realized the criticality of data, digital transformation, and the impact that the cloud has on all companies. This week, the HPE premier technology event, Technology and Solutions Summit (TSS), provided the perfect example of how Commvault is working with high-level partners to provide the best and most comprehensive data services to our joint customers.

Imagine you needed to restore a set of business-critical information, only to find out the surprise costs and three weeks it will take to perform the needed steps. Manually recreating the data does not look so bad after all. Backups are the first use case of many data management investments, but they are not the whole story.

According to Amin I., a Senior Systems Consultant at eSky IT, another tech services company, “Sometimes our users are attacked by ransomware or by a virus or trojan, and their data is encrypted or deleted. Commvault has helped us in these scenarios. It has always been successful in restoring the backup.