An Expanded Partnership for the Cloud Era with Metallic and OCI

By Ranga Rajagopalan

We’ve all heard of the adage, “The only constant in life is change.” These words ring especially true for our customers today, as they navigate rising tides of shifting IT hybrid and multi-cloud environments, while battling cyberthreats all along the way.

At Commvault, we see those customers’ needs clearly – which is why we evolve not only our solutions, but also our partnerships to help bring those customers safely through that sea of change. Today’s news of our expanded Oracle partnership is a perfect example of how Commvault helps customers navigate changing trends and markets, with a steadfast commitment to the same peace of mind we have always afforded them.

Commvault and Oracle: a 25-year history of integration

Commvault has long supported Oracle customers protecting the crown jewels of their enterprises – their Oracle data. We have more than 3,000 joint customers, which is increasing every year, and the amount of Oracle data we are protecting has grown by more than 30% year over year.

More than 400,000 customers rely on Oracle today to run their businesses. As many of those companies are accelerating their own cloud adoption and migrating to OCI – they have a natural need for agile cloud solutions to protect along that journey.

As Oracle accelerated its own cloud business, bringing the power of OCI to its customer base, Commvault kept pace. In 2017, Commvault underscored our support for Oracle customers moving to OCI, through our Commvault Complete software. Two years later, we introduced Metallic SaaS – which has quickly grown to become the gold standard in data management as a service. With today’s news, Oracle customers who need all the benefits of a SaaS-delivered solution, can now harness the power of Metallic with OCI to protect their data on premises and in the cloud. We’re excited for this natural evolution of our partnership to meet customers where they are with the most innovative and flexible SaaS solutions in our industry.

In fact, Metallic is the only DMaaS solution to protect across Azure, AWS, and OCI.

A shared commitment to cloud innovation and enterprise support

Oracle boasts the broadest and deepest suite of cloud applications, while OCI continues to scale. At the same time, Metallic SaaS has reached an inflection point of hypergrowth, having grown to 50M ARR in just 6 quarters. As both of our companies come alongside customers to help them through their cloud journeys, we deliver unique opportunity to the Oracle installed base, to protect traditional workloads as they adopt the cloud.

Today, our Metallic SaaS portfolio expands to include support for new Oracle Cloud workloads – with OCI VMs and Oracle Container Engine (OKE) – in addition to existing support for Oracle databases running on premises or in cloud VMs, while Oracle customers can choose to send air-gapped backup copies to OCI leveraging Metallic Recovery Reserve.

Maybe change isn’t the only constant – what also stays the same is our promise to customers that they can depend upon Commvault to always keep their data safe and recoverable, no matter what lies under the deep. With today’s news, we are happy to continue to pay off on these promises for Oracle customers everywhere.