Commvault® File Storage Optimization

Eliminate redundancy, lower costs, and reduce risk for your data.

Be Ready with File Storage Optimization

Know what data you have

According to Gartner between 40% – 80% of files in a typical enterprise environment are redundant, outdated, or trivial (ROT) or do not have an assigned owner in the directory service.1

Drive storage efficiencies and manage data risks

Provide cost and risk reduction relating to storing, migrating, and consolidating data, as well as reducing the risk of ransomware attacks and increasing data availability. Analyze and classify live and backup data at scale, enabling you to use insights to drive actions – all managed through a single user interface.

Improve storage efficiencies and reduce costs

  • Reduce hybrid cloud storage costs and data sprawl by identifying and removing redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data
  • Identify business-critical data and align to high-performing storage based on the value of the data
  • Improve storage efficiencies by identifying low-value data and moving it to the appropriate storage tier based on user defined policies

Streamline cloud migrations and data consolidations

  • Accelerate cloud data migrations and consolidations by identifying and only migrating the data that should be migrated based on user-defined policies
  • Lower the risk of potential data breaches from cyberattacks by properly classifying business-critical or sensitive data prior to a migration
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating hybrid cloud data migrations and consolidations through a single GUI

Reduce the risk of ransomware

  • Lower the attack surface of ransomware attacks by proactively identifying and securing business-critical data
  • Find and rectify vulnerabilities by identifying and remediating orphan data.
  • Ensure data availability and business continuity using backup copies of business-critical data

Commvault Intelligent Data Services

Commvault® File Storage Optimization is a part of Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services Platform that enables organizations to proactively simplify and manage the complexity of enterprise data.

Commvault Command Center

A single view to manage your entire data environment

Commvault Command Center™ offers a single dashboard to manage your entire data environment. Identify data you want to protect, monitor backups and restores, and easily access analytics. Default configurations and streamlined procedures save time and role-based access enables self-service capabilities, reducing the load on your IT staff.

Yantai Shinho improves RPO by 84% and cuts storage costs with AWS and Commvault

IMDEX ensures data availability and supports 24/7 global operations with Commvault

Expand your data insights capabilities using Commvault® Data Governance to define, find, and manage your sensitive data, and Commvault® eDiscovery & Compliance to enable faster responses to legal and compliance requests.


1. Gartner “How to Escape Network and Local File Storage,” Lane Severson, 7 January 2020