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Streamline and simplify data protection with unified management, real-time insights, and consolidated views of your data – all in one convenient location.

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Unified management with Commvault Cloud 

Easily configure and manage global policies, groups, and permissions in one place. Rapidly deploy them across your entire environment to optimize and unify your configuration management.

Recovery health

One view of backup operations and secondary copies provides you with confidence that you are protected and recovery ready.

Platform usage & growth

Simplify storage, licensing and service reporting for early insight into potential problems and long-term trends.

Standardized security metrics

Use data-driven analysis, insights, and best practice tips to understand data risks and strengthen security.

“Commvault Cloud is the pill that you have to take if you want a good night sleep. It gives us extreme confidence that our data is 100% secured.”

how we do it

Streamlined monitoring, visibility & management

Global plans

Configure plans in Commvault Cloud and deploy them across multiple CommCells in your environment. Dynamically link storage pools via user-defined tagging. 

Multi-region plans

Effortlessly deploy standardized policy across all your CommCells by dynamically assigning it based on your tag configurations and regions.

Server groups

Create a dynamic group based on a set of rules, allowing for easy deployment of configurations across multiple locations.

Global tagging

Elevate your CommCell management by standardizing tags for seamless billing and organization. Prioritize tagging to streamline workload monitoring and gain better control over CommCells in larger environments.

Roles & user groups

Standardize role configuration, including the creation of custom roles and permission settings, to effectively manage users’ responsibilities and access privileges.

Easy upgrades

Manage upgrades with global policies for download and upgrade schedules. Check on upgrades in progress across your entire environment.

Related capabilities

Backup and Recovery

Commvault® Cloud Foundational Backup & Recovery provides complete backup and recovery of all workloads across on-premises, edge, and cloud environments.

Cyber Resilience

Commvault’s Cyber Resilience includes Foundational and Autonomous Recovery solutions and adds threat scanning to hunt for threats within backup data, as well as cyber deception and threat detection to provide early warning of attacks.

Cleanroom Recovery 

Cleanroom Recovery combines unique capabilities to identify and ensure a clean recovery, plus the ability to guarantee safe recovery to a cleanroom in the cloud. 


Commvault® Cloud

The industry’s first platform for true cloud data security. Manage and recover data wherever it lives – with the simplicity and scale of the cloud.

Powered by Metallic® AI

Metallic AI is the engine that powers Commvault Cloud. It leverages a powerful mix of ML and automation that identifies and tags sensitive data using static or dynamic patterns to recognize diverse patterns.

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