Commvault: API Driven

If you’re asking yourself if Commvault can do it, the answer is probably, “Yes, there’s an API for that.”

Extensible API-First integrations

Transform your business and unlock new possibilities to meet your unique business
needs with our extensible and open API-first integrations.

Automate with Commvault

Reduce complexity using pre-built workflows and an extensive API library
to connect your data.

Robust APIs

Behind every Commvault agent is the API interface driving deep integration with applications, hypervisors, and clouds for you to leverage to build and link in with other third-party tools. Use the Commvault sandbox to test and tweak your procedures.

Easy to use

The Commvault API tools can be used by both beginners and seasoned programmers. You can build your own code or explore examples that can help with automating scaling, creating processes, and integrating with other parts of your data environment.

Centralized policy-engine

Our global policies allow you to consolidate management of your workflows making them easier to maintain. Build, automate and report against any of the processes you’ve built. Easy to deploy, easy to audit.

Robust APIs

Commvault REST APIs can be used to create customer interfaces, procedures and operations.  These APIs are the building blocks that enable the Commvault solution’s deep integration with everything from storage array snapshot engines to Big Data databases.

Use this broad spectrum of APIs to integrate Commvault into your broader IT operations.

Easily connect with tools like ServiceNow, VMware vRealize, Chef and Ansible.

Easy to use

No Dev experience needed! Jump in and start building the apps and procedures you need to make your business flow smoothly.

Commvault’s latest RESTful APIs follow the Swagger 2.0 specification, which means they are compatible with Swagger UI. Swagger UI is the open source framework that powers the Commvault API Explorer and makes visualizing and using the latest Commvault RESTful APIs easier for end users. From API Explorer, users can execute REST API requests and view responses from the CommCell environment directly from the Web Console.

Collaborate with Commvault developers and your peers via our GitHub pages.

Centralized policy-engine

  • Use Commvault’s centralized policy-engine to globally manage the scheduling of tasks to ensure tasks are executed securely and in line with your SLAs
  • Manage dependencies, investigate exceptions, audit tasks, report on operation
  • On-premises, in the cloud, around the world – Commvault provides a single management framework to support it all

Choose your tools

Use your favorite tools to interact, build and share!

Leverage the Commvault API Explorer

An easy-to-learn tool to explore and code with the available REST APIs. Test your code using the built-in Commvault Sandbox

Use your preferred programming language
  • Having an open community is important to us. We want you to work with the languages and tools you’re most familiar with to build and share.
  • PowerShell, Python, jQuery, Ruby, PHP, and Go – take your pick.

Integration ready

Merge Commvault tasks into your Service Catalogue or let Commvault automate for you

Extend your IT Service Catalog
  • Build and customize workflows to manage Commvault backup & recovery from within your VMware vRealize Automation or vCloud Director dashboards
  • Centralize IT operations and add Commvault tasks to your service catalogue
Commvault Workflow Engine
  • Built in orchestration and scheduling framework
  • Connect Commvault into other third-party apps or let it run them for you
  • Integrate to add business logic
  • Reporting, auditing and security
  • Let Commvault be the engine to manage and drive the automation of your IT tasks
Add Data Protection into ServiceNow
  • Integrate Commvault data protection tasks into ServiceNow
  • Streamlined self-service reducing recovery times  to mere minutes
  • With a few clicks, you can create and manage backup and retention policies within the ServiceNow portal
Create custom apps

Create custom apps

  • Leveraging Commvault Command Center APIs, App Studio allows you to build and present customized applications within the UI
  • Export and share your apps with the greater Commvault community

Customized reports

  • Build your own reports to highlight the information you need to see
  • Automate, schedule and enable real action to execute based on the output of your reports
  • Share your template when you’re done or import one to get you started
Create custom apps
Commvault Store

Commvault Store

  • Download custom built tools, scripts and workflows to leverage in your environment
  • Assist the developer community by uploading and sharing your own content with others
  • A secure and moderated development group where user created reports, workflows, tools, apps and more are vetted by the Commvault team of engineers before being available to ensure there’s nothing askew