Unified, Open Analytics Platform with Databricks

Build, deploy, share, and maintain scalable enterprise-grade data, analytics, and AI solutions.

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Unify all your data, analytics and
AI on one platform

Build and deploy data engineering workflows, machine learning models, analytics dashboards, and more.


customers worldwide rely on Databricks for all their workloads from BI to AI.


Databricks named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Secure sharing of data

Commvault and Databricks integration allows users to streamline sharing of backup data whilst enforcing corporate data sharing policies to ensure sensitive data is secured.

Safe search

Leverage semantic search and powerful language models to thoroughly examine vast amounts of data prior moving it into a data lake, ensuring no sensitive data is being shared.

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Easily share data

Easily share data across platforms, clouds and regions with strong security and governance.

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Streamline discovery

Streamline discovery, masking, approval and ingestion of data into AI runbook platforms helping data scientists focus on core tasks.

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Unlock potential

Unlock the business potential held by dormant data in backup archives with secure methods to expand the scope of AI integrations.

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Commvault and HCL Ensure Global Logistics Company Cyber-Resiliency Strategy

A global logistics service company suffered a ransomware attack that locked files and shut down file sharing across multiple locations. The attack encrypted data and shut down vital systems within the company. HCLTech used Commvault Cloud Cyber Resilience to replace multiple existing solutions.