The Multilayered Approach to Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Safeguard your data and reduce cybersecurity risk through our secure backup framework. This end-to-end framework follows NIST and Zero Trust principles, providing you with the best protection and recovery capabilities.

The security framework

  • Identify and mitigate risks to backup data within a single interface

  • Apply security controls based on industry-leading standards

  • Monitor for ransomware, insider threats and other threats

  • Action on threats and continuously validate backup data

  • Quickly recover data across on-premises & cloud endpoints

The plan in details

Security-conscious organizations like yours can trust Commvault on ransomware protection and recovery to get your businesses back up and running in hours, not weeks. Through our multi-layered security approach and with zero trust principles, your organization is prepared and ready.

Pay nothing to the crooks

Hear from organizations like State of Colorado, Shikun & Binui, and City of Sparks on how Commvault has helped customers protect and recover enterprise data from ransomware attacks.

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