Software-defined storage solutions

Stop the data infrastructure fragmentation. SDS provides a modern infrastructure for your modern data center.

Implement a cloud-like strategy across your applications and infrastructure that makes your environment more predictable, resilient and simple.

One view to rule the cloud

Infrastructure on your terms. That is the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform. Tailor your storage environment to your application and data demands through a software-defined storage platform. Built on x86 servers, the Distributed Storage Platform provides the multi-protocol support you require across block, file, and object storage with native application, hypervisor, container, and cloud integration to consolidation your storage silos – eliminating your data fragmentation issues.

Hedvig Friday Webinar Series

Software-defined storage: The power of simplicity for virtualization infrastructures

Hedvig Friday Webinar Series:

Learn how Pittsburg State University achieves data center fault tolerance with Hedvig

Private and hybrid cloud virtualization storage

Most enterprises have a mix of on-premises infrastructure and public cloud(s). This requires supporting multiple applications and hypervisors to move VMs from on-premises to the cloud. You’d also like to speed up provisioning to simplify managing VMs throughout their lifecycle. The distributed storage platform provides VM storage throughout the entire VM lifecycle across hypervisors and decreases time spent provisioning storage by 75% vs. legacy solutions.  

Containers storage

Every year organizations are producing more data than they were before. Many turn to data storage containers like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, D2IQ and more. With the distributed storage platform, you can control all of your data with container-aware enterprise grade persistent storage.

Backup storage

Most IT organizations have three or more data protection tools, each with its own backup storage pool. This creates data silos, which adds complexity. The distributed storage platform can serve as a single backup storage target for all of your backup and archive data, regardless of which backup software solution you use (though we definitely have a recommendation for one). Plus, the high availability design simplifies disaster recovery while enabling non-disruptive upgrades and scalability.

Containers on-premises, or in the cloud – or both? Hedvig can help!

Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform™

Storage across compute platforms at massive scale

Simplify and consolidate your infrastructures with a unified solution for block, file and object storage. Complete API programmability with the support across OSes, hypervisors, and containers ensures you have the flexibility and agility your applications require. Scale storage performance and capacity dynamically using off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.

  • Start with as few as three nodes and scale to 1000 or more
  • Provision Block (iSCSI), File (NFS) and Object (Swift, S3) storage
  • Deploy all-flash or hybrid SSD/HDD storage nodes
  • Support for VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, KVM, and XenServer hypervisors
  • Support for container environments, including integrations with Kubernetes, Docker, D2iQ, and OpenShift
  • Integrate directly with a complete set of RESTful APIs

Containers on-premises, or in the cloud – or both? Hedvig can help!

Enterprise storage services

The Distributed Storage Platform delivers a full range of enterprise storage services. Granularity down to the volume level to ensure the perfect fit with the application.

Thin provisioning

Encrypt360™ encryption in-use, in-flight, at-rest

FlashFabric™ client and server-side flash/SSD caching

Zero-impact volume snapshots and clones

Inline deduplication and compression

Storage virtualization

Storage designed for hybrid cloud

Distributed storage provides a unique disaster recovery policy for your applications. A highly available storage cluster that spans multiple data centers or clouds simplifies your adoption of a truly hybrid cloud. Deploy software on-premises, and in public clouds, to create an implicitly hybrid storage system.

Replicate up to six copies of data across sites

Logically manage any number of locations as a single storage system

Integrate public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Support active/active stretched clusters

Failover automatically to ensure your applications are up 24×7

Save time and money

With Hedvig, organizations were able to decrease time spent in provisioning storage by 75 percent.

– Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Hedvig

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