Commvault helps education transform

Commvault and Azure deliver solutions that accelerate digital transformation for education by removing cost and complexity while improving visibility into all data. These solutions play a key role in re-inventing the student experience, modernizing legacy systems, and reducing total cost of ownership.


Building education for the future

Check out how Commvault is solving the data dilemma in education. Read our ebook to learn how Commvault’s education solutions are helping provide a better experience for faculty and students by harnessing the power of the cloud, streamlining data, simplifying operations, and cutting costs.


Continuing Digital Transformation of Education

Commvault and Microsoft aimed at protecting your critical data from ransomware attacks – no matter where your data lives. Enable simplified and cost-effective data management for education institutions to protect and recover from ransomware, malware attacks and other disasters while supporting researchers, and students in their learning pursuits.

“It’s clear to me that Commvault and Microsoft are committed to building increasingly integrated solutions that meet the scale and scope of my organization’s needs and requirements in a hybrid world. We’ve reduced our data center footprint and storage management overhead all while protecting thousands of virtual servers, applications and projects across our institution.”

Ronald Dowden

IT Unit, Director Johns Hopkins University


Why choose Commvault for education

Commvault helps education transform the student experience, modernize operations, and reduce costs.

Find out how Commvault helps education transform the student experience, modernize operations, reduce costs.

UConn Health reduces storage costs by up to 85% and realizes hybrid cloud goals:

Check out how UConn Health reduced storage costs by up to 85% and exceeded hybrid cloud goals.

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