Empowering Education with Cyber Resilient Data Protection

Simplify education’s digital transformation with Commvault and Azure, reducing costs, improving visibility, and enhancing student experiences.

Enhancing Data Security

Enhance data security, efficiency, and streamline operations in education through cyber resilient endpoint data protection, system modernization, and simplified multi-vendor environments.

Secure Endpoint Data

Protect sensitive information on student, faculty, and staff devices for enhanced data security.

Modernize Data Systems 

Streamline operations by modernizing legacy systems and applications for improved efficiency and productivity. 

Streamline Operations

Simplify multi-vendor environments to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Commvault and Azure

Continuity and Data Protection in Education

Uninterrupted operations and protect critical data with cost-effective disaster recovery options that incorporate cyber resiliency measures. 

Strengthening Data Security 

Implement robust security measures to safeguard student, faculty, and staff data, preventing unauthorized access and protecting against data breaches.

Data Integrity in Education

Maintain the highest level of data security and integrity within education institutions by implementing measures to protect sensitive student and research data.

Related capabilities

Discover the next-generation capabilities that can intelligently engage and surface cyber risks, minimize data threats, and drive informed recovery outcomes faster. 

Backup and recovery for endpoints

SaaS resilience and recovery capabilities for fast and secure endpoint backup, flexible and granular restore, scalable and unlimited storage. 

Enterprise Backup & Recovery software 

Commvault provides complete backup and recovery of all workloads—on-premises and the cloud.

Data Compliance

Remediate risk, limit exposure, and meet stringent compliance standards across all data environments.