New backup portfolio FAQ

What are the new backup portfolio products?

These can be combined into a bundle called Commvault Complete™ Data Protection.

What do these products do?

Commvault Backup & Recovery

  • Automated backup and recovery of VMs, containers, applications, databases, endpoints and files
  • Cost-optimized workload mobility: on-premises to the cloud, even between clouds, with no downtime to production systems
  • Data security & resilient ransomware protection
  • Support for all major cloud vendors
  • Support for all major snapshot vendors
  • Flexible Copy Data Management enables cost-effective data repurposing for DevOps and more
  • Easily managed through an intuitive, web-based user interface

Commvault Disaster Recovery

  • Easy-to-implement disaster recovery orchestration with automated compliance reporting
  • Fast, flexible replication
  • Cost-optimized cloud data mobility with support for VMware Cloud
  • Enhanced data security and resilient ransomware protection
  • Flexible Copy Data Management enables verifiable recovery, along with cost-effective data repurposing for DevOps and more
  • Easily managed through an intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Can be used as DRaaS by service providers

How can these be purchased?

  • Virtual – per VM
  • Physical – per TB or per OI. OI
  • Mailbox – per user
  • Endpoint – per user

Does this affect your current licensing today?

There is no change to licensing.

Can these be bought as both subscription and perpetual?

Currently sold by subscription. For any further queries, please contact your Commvault Sales representative.

When does this take effect and when will it be in the Pricebook?

11.20. August 15, 2020, GA

Is DR still a capability in the Commvault Backup & Recovery product?

Yes. To execute and accomplish your basic DR needs, data can be restored from backups.

Commvault Backup & Recovery is designed for organizations needing to meet less aggressive RPOs and RTOs, and who do not require the orchestration functionality included with the Commvault Disaster Recovery product.

Why do I need the Commvault Disaster Recovery product?

Commvault Disaster Recovery includes enhanced DR capabilities of automation and live replication, with the addition of migration capabilities.

This allows you to meet more aggressive RPOs and RTOs, as live data is being replicated as opposed to browsing and restoring from backups.

What happened to Commvault Orchestrate, Commvault Activate and Commvault HyperScale?

Commvault Activate, and Commvault HyperScale X will both be addressed via respective FAQs.