The choice is yours

Our comprehensive set of data management capabilities covers all major cloud and VM environments. That means you have the freedom to choose the technologies that best meet your business needs — and to seamlessly move data and applications between platforms as you see fit. In the short demonstrations below, in just a few steps you'll see how to perform a full virtual machine restore using the Commvault Command Center™.


Optimize and automate the entire VM lifecycle

From provisioning virtual machines to long-term storage and retention, replication and disaster recovery, Commvault has your VMs and cloud environment covered. Our software automatically attaches backup, recovery and archiving capabilities to your VMs as they’re created — to make sure they’re included in your protection regime and that your data and apps are always recoverable. Our self-service interface integrates with all major virtualization platforms, allowing you to extend controlled provisioning privileges to users across your organization. And we help ensure you never waste resources by archiving data and recycling old VMs that are no longer needed.

Keep a lid on VM sprawl

Our unique VM archiving functionality helps reduce VM sprawl by automatically identifying, classifying and retiring unused virtual machines. That means less time spent tracking down unused VMs and better reclamation of storage space and computing resources. And because archived VMs are indexed and searchable, recovering granular files or even full virtual machines from your archives becomes a simple, self-service task.

Deeper integration for more cloud platforms

Commvault can turn a public cloud (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud) into a natural extension of your existing data center, combining all the control, security, encryption and access management you expect from an on-premises solution with the speed, agility and cost savings of the cloud. Spanning more than 25 major cloud providers, our software enables you to easily manage multiple cloud environments through a single interface. By virtually removing silos between your private and public cloud environments, you can easily move data and workloads to and from different cloud providers — and start deriving more value from your cloud platform much faster.

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1    2  451 Research, Uptime Institute, Yankee Group-Hosting and Cloud Study 2014    3 Commvault supports more than 20 of the leading cloud storage platforms and devices, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace Cloud Files - more than any other major backup and recovery software vendor.