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VMware Data Management


No matter how many virtual machines you're running, Commvault makes it easier to manage every aspect of your VMware environment. Our award-winning data management platform lets you handle all your VMs with the high performance and scalability you've been looking for — all through an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface for a simply powerful VMware experience.


The most comprehensive VMware support in the industry

At Commvault, we speak your language. As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, we have deep experience with all aspects of VMware — and nobody knows it better.

With powerful source-side and inline deduplication, encryption and automatic copy management, our data management platform provides extensive and robust native integration with VMware, including comprehensive capabilities around:

  • Agentless guest protection
  • Granular file recovery
  • Application-aware protection beyond native VMware Tools
  • vSphere 5.x & 6.x support
  • vSphere tags and custom attributes
  • vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) integration
  • NBD, NBD (SSL) Hot-Add and SAN mode support
  • Changed Block Tracking (CBT) backup and recovery
  • vSAN integration and snapshots
  • vVol support
  • vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator Plugins
  • vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO)
  • Proxy-less IntelliSnap snapshots

Flexibility and control powered by Commvault Virtual Server Agent

With all the valuable data in your VMware environment, keeping it protected is a top priority. Agentless since Day One, our Virtual Server Agent (VSA) provides a flexible, powerful and simple-to-manage, cloud-ready platform for safeguarding your VMware environment. With Commvault VSA, you benefit from:

  • Service level-based data management and protection plans
  • Agentless protection with automatic, application-aware plugins
  • Native integration with both public and private clouds
  • Shorter recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) through hardware array snapshots (powered by Commvault IntelliSnap) as well as Live Sync, Live Mount and Live Recovery of VMs without restores
  • VM conversions and migrations across hypervisors and to cloud
  • Policy-based provisioning, power-down, and archiving to control VM sprawl

Fast and scalable backup and recovery with Commvault IntelliSnap

To meet your demanding business needs, you need the ability to quickly protect and recover your VMware data. By using Commvault IntelliSnap — the most comprehensive snapshot engine in the industry — you can achieve your data-protection objectives with ease.

Robustly integrated with all the major storage vendors, IntelliSnap leverages both VMware's own snapshot technology and hardware array snapshots to reduce backup and restore windows from hours to just minutes for thousands of VMs. Incorporated directly within the Commvault data platform, this industry-leading framework for snapshot management (create, maintain, delete) lets you move your data from snapshot to disk, tape, or the cloud more efficiently. Maybe that's why market leaders trust IntelliSnap with their hardware.

A simpler, more efficient way to manage your VMware environment

Our intuitive, web-based console provides an interface that makes it easy to identify, monitor and manage your virtualized environment from any location or device. An at-a-glance dashboard allows you to quickly perform everyday tasks like reporting, backup and recovery with a few clicks. Leverage service-level agreement (SLA)-based plans to easily provide protection that fits your business SLAs for VMs — reducing costs and streamlining operations. Our management console can also simplify administration and increase user satisfaction by giving your administrators and end users role-based, self-service access to VM recovery.

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Go beyond backup with built-in disaster recovery for VMware

Reduce your infrastructure management costs by leveraging a single, unified platform to both restore VMs locally and recover them remotely for disaster recovery, even in the public cloud. With Commvault, you can:

  • Reduce traditional disaster recovery costs by using a single toolset
  • Orchestrate conversions and recoveries of VMs to the cloud, minimizing manual, error-prone tasks
  • Align your VM disaster recovery RPOs to your specific business needs using our intuitive, SLA-based protection and reporting interface
  • Set multiple RPOs to optimize infrastructure (network and server) usage by using LiveSync replication
  • Automate complex manual application recoveries beyond the VM and OS by using customized workflows
  • Enable stress-free, push-button disaster recovery testing for both planned and unplanned VM failover and failback

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Commvault disaster recovery solutions for VMware

Protect and manage VMs across any cloud

When you combine Commvault with the cloud, you benefit from an automated and orchestrated approach to provisioning, moving and managing data across your hybrid environment — reducing costs and giving you more flexibility to respond to new business demands.

We provide native integration with all major on-premises and public cloud platforms for VM workload migration, backups, disaster recovery and archive. This makes it easy to provision cloud resources that match your on-premises VM policies, and then protect and manage those VMs as they are moved and used in the cloud. Our solution also offers the robust hypervisor and cloud support that uses native APIs to adapt to your rapidly changing multi-cloud world.

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