Simpana 10: Not Just Another Pretty Interface

Posted 1 March 2013 10:39 AM by Commvault

The new release of Commvault Simpana 10 software delivers an enhanced search experience that is not just pretty, but super smart too. With whiz-bang features like a native, role-based interface, Simpana Search provides blazing fast, accurate search results in seconds. The new self-service capabilities for end users, legal and compliance teams, and even healthcare professionals, serve up images, preview screens and search results in a way that is so simple that the IT department no longer needs to get involved. Users can search, view and retrieve managed data from virtually anywhere, from any device, including through mobile apps, a web console and plug-ins for direct access from Outlook (see diagram). It's true, Simpana 10 is all about giving information back to users and our new search experience wraps this all up in a pretty little package that makes the process of retrieving your information seamless and intuitive.

Search, View, Retrieve Managed Data in the ContentStore
Smart. Savvy. Strategic. Simpana 10

But I'd like to believe it's true what they say… that it's what's underneath that counts. And what's underneath is the wicked smart ContentStore. With data located in multiple repositories, organizations today struggle to find information when they need it. The ContentStore removes the barriers that a silo'ed approach takes and puts all information at your fingertips with anytime, anywhere access, instantly and securely. This boosts productivity across the enterprise, while lowering cost and risk.

We've talked about the ContentStore here before, and even pulled back the curtain to show you how it works. However, with Simpana 10,Commvault has taken an exponential leap outside of the IT department and extended the benefits of the ContentStore to users across the enterprise, opening it up for more strategic activities like data mining, reporting and analytics and eDiscovery and compliance. As David West states in his recent blog, "For the first time, your end users can access Simpana on their own, bypassing IT and the help desk, which enables you to reduce administrative overhead by up to 80% and lower total support costs by up to 35%."

Ultimately, information at your fingertips leads to increased productivity, improved collaboration and smarter decision making that can transform your business. Built to scale and search large volumes of Big Data, users across the enterprise can access, manage and understand information to extract maximum intelligence from it. Yes, I'd say that is pretty smart stuff.

For a view into our Simpana 10 Search experience, and what it means for users across the enterprise, I invite you to check out this short, three-minute "Show Me Simpana" Access video.

Emily Wojcik (or @EmilyWojcik) is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for CommVault. Emily is a member of ARMA, ACEDS and EDRM.