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Commvault provides a single, comprehensive, easy-to-manage platform that meets the specific needs of customers in a wide range of industries.

Legal Data Management

Our single platform gives you control over all your data — enabling rapid, accurate eDiscovery responses, early case assessments and legal hold actions while reducing cost, risk and exposure.

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Our unified approach to data management makes it easy to deal with massive volumes of information, meet compliance requirements and deliver the best possible patient care.

Government Data Management

We give federal, state and local authorities the ability to protect and manage their data responsively and securely, with the assurance of FIPS certification and an easy procurement process.

Education Data Management

Commvault’s integrated data management platform helps educational institutions use, store, share and protect data easily and economically.

Service Provider Data Management

Most MSPs are faced with increasing competition, complex customer requirements and the threat of shrinking margins. The challenge is to continuously add services that help grow the number of customers and the value of each customer, while keeping the cost of the infrastructure and complexity of operations low.

Commvault helps MSPs get profitable new data protection and data management services running quickly, with a range of services to ensure they have an offer to serve every customer. And each service can be offered at multiple service tiers so you can cover a broad range of price points - from entry-level to highly differentiated premium. Commvault’s pre-engineered service offerings let you get running quickly with simple operations, low cost infrastructure and on-demand billing models. Our solution isn’t a "bag of parts and an instruction manual." You get the benefit of all our experience designing and deploying MSP solutions baked right in, from the deployment to the licensing to the service plans.

Commvault provides a simply powerful, flexible and cost-effective way to deliver new, valuable services to your customers.

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