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Maximum Availability with All Flash Arrays

Get maximum availability for your applications with Commvault snapshots for flash-based storage.

Organizations choose all flash arrays to speed up application performance, using snapshots for faster recovery times and recovery point objectives. Commvault’s single, integrated platform provides deep application integration and granular, application-consistent snapshots to deliver maximum recoverability. Our built-in support for hundreds of hardware array configurations means you can use the hardware vendor of your choice and benefit from efficient, scalable snapshot protection.

Protect your data and applications on
more all flash arrays

Commvault supports more leading all flash arrays than any other vendor, including:



NetApp SolidFire


Automated creation, retention and access of SolidFire snapshots — no manual processes required.

Nimble Storage


Maximize the benefits of your Nimble Storage AF series all-flash array with faster, simpler backup and recovery.

Pure Storage


High-speed snapshot management and replication technology cuts costs and minimizes risk.

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Commvault-supported all flash arrays

A smarter solution for snapshot management and recovery


Commvault IntelliSnap automates, unifies and simplifies snapshot management across multiple storage array technologies, including all flash arrays. Providing streamlined snapshot protection and recovery for a huge number of physical, virtual and applications data sources, IntelliSnap overcomes the traditional challenges associated with snapshot recovery workflows, indexing and integration. By delivering granular, application-consistent snapshots, IntelliSnap increases the availability and recoverability of data stored on all flash arrays, helping reduce downtime exposure for the mission-critical applications that power your business.

Flexible data migration and portability


Commvault makes it easy to migrate your existing data to all flash arrays. Because our software features built-in support for more than 30 cloud providers and 25 leading storage platforms (including Dell/EMC, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Data Systems and IBM), you can seamlessly move your workloads and key application data between legacy hard drives, all flash arrays and the cloud.

Combined with our automated storage-tiering capabilities, our broad support for storage hardware of all kinds also helps you avoid the vulnerabilities of vendor lock-in. No matter which vendor you choose or the underlying architecture of their hardware — scale-out or scale-up, multi-tenant or single application — you have the flexibility to use the all-flash arrays that best suit your business needs.

Simplified data management and protection


With Commvault, it’s easy to manage and protect your critical applications, virtual environments and operating systems from a single, integrated platform — reducing risk and complexity while allowing you to meet increasingly demanding recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Because our software supports all leading hardware solutions, you can manage your array-based snapshots, copies and replication processes without the need for complex scripting or manual processes. By providing a higher level of integration between your storage and applications, Commvault software can automatically discover new virtual machines created on your all flash arrays — and then instantly apply the appropriate backup, recovery and retention policies. And when that virtual machine is no longer needed, our software automatically retires it, helping you maximize the utilization of your all flash array resources.