Cloud Data Management

The cloud is changing everything. If you’re like many enterprises, you jumped to it to achieve its promise of dynamic scalability and cost efficiency. But the real benefit has turned out to be something different. Agility. Now, with the cloud, you have the agility to create a new web server on the fly. Or the flexibility to move infrastructure quickly to meet changing business demands.


Data Automation

Driven by the cloud’s promise to lower costs and reduce day-to-day operations, data and workloads are being moved off-premises. But reality is the complexity of managing your data assets across a multi-cloud, multi-hypervisor environments threatens any efficiencies you’ve achieved. New technologies and innovations bring about new promise and opportunity for a more efficient IT strategy to enable greater business value from your data and operations. Adopting these new technologies and innovations can lead to unforeseen risk and operational cost that threatens the efficiency gained through these innovative improvements.


Ensure Business Continuity

Data is the lifeblood of your organization. Business continuity means data will flow regardless of a disruptive event, unplanned outage or simply dramatic data growth. As a CIO, you’re facing increasingly complex data environments, with remote sites, multi-cloud infrastructures and employees’ BYOD desires, making data protection and disaster recovery far more challenging. Add to this your responsibility for business continuity and it’s evident that investigating a modern disaster recovery approach is not just a thought experiment.


Mobile Data Protection

According to Forrester, only half of today’s enterprises use some type of endpoint backup. Yet an average of 35% of corporate data resides on remote desktops and laptops. With the majority of information workers using three or more devices for business. That means that critical business data is floating around literally unprotected and vulnerable leaving your business at risk.


Data Governance

We hear it so much that it’s almost cliché, but data is the lifeblood of organizations today. It holds the promise of competitive advantage, improved efficiency and revenue growth. Faced with these opportunities, companies collect and generate more data than ever before – and still, they want more. But more data isn’t necessarily better, and not all data is good. In a worst-case scenario, data exposes the organization to greater business risk.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is almost here. Will you be ready when the world's strictest data privacy law comes into effect on May 25, 2018? Build a foundation for GDPR compliance now with a centralized approach to data management and retention.

Big Data Protection

For many organizations big data solutions have become the new critical enterprise application. The problem? They’re not yet managed with the same discipline as other enterprise applications.

Using a Data Management Platform

As the world becomes increasingly data-driven and reliant on digital technology, all businesses have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionize themselves — to get more value from their data by activating it. Data insights that enable business foresight are increasingly critical. By consolidating and simplifying data management, Commvault® presents an unrivaled solution.

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